Bike, Walk, & Skate Start Points 
( DC Metro Area based concept example )

Many publication are available to plan bicycle and pedestrian activity in Down Town Washington D.C.   Getting somewhere without a car in the surrounding areas becomes more difficult.  Not for lack of infrastructure but information is sparse.

'Start Points' provides locations in the Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan Area that are good places to start a walk, a bike ride or a skate session.  Alternatively these locations also serve as 'Pits Stops' point for folks that 'toilet map' their self-power trips  

Some locations are accessible via Mass Transit others have Parking Lots.   Those location that have Restrooms (RR) are so noted.


Hopefully of use for those bicyclists and pedestrians new to, or not yet familiar with the less documented sections of the DC Metro Area.   The the primary goal of this resource is to serve as a concept example for experienced activists in other cities to do the same.


Little know bike exercise loop that routes past the eastern side of Huntley Meadows in the Mount Vernon and Lee District of Fairfax County VA.   Details are provided only for the area between U.S Route 1 and Huntley Meadows.