Boundary Channel sidewalk Pedestrian Tunnel System
to and across the I-395 northbound bridge where it crosses the George Washington Memorial Parkway

The information below is OBE. The sidewalk across the GW Parkway has been cut out to make way for an extended vehicle acceleration ramp


Above is the map of a little known concrete sidewalk that connects Old Jeff Davis Hwy, north of Crystal City to a point close to the Mount Vernon Trail.  It starts at the north sidewalk at the beginning of the Boundary Channel Drive then after going under I-395  loops north to the first tunnel.   After going through a second tunnel the sidewalk crosses the I-395 northbound bridge and ends.   At that point it is a short walk down (on grass) to the Mt Vernon Trail.

To visualize the overpass over the GWMP

Picture biking north from Gravelly Point on the MV Trail.
    - go under the CSX bridge, then
    - under the Metrorail bridge
    - you are now approaching the north bound 14th St Bridge.
    - before going under the bridge you leave the trail and go up the grass bank of the bridge.
    - as you approach the top of the bridge (on the grass - no trail) you will cross the north bound GWMP ramp to the north bound 14 St bridge lanes across the river.
    - at the top of the bridge you will see the protected pedestrian lane across the GWMP.