Waynewood & Stratford Landing

16 Mile Skate Loop in the Mt Vernon Area


The Waynewood - Stratford Landing area is a great skate resource.  It has wide roads with good to great surface, limited traffic, and good site-lines.   A majority of the mapped loop is flat with a few easy hills.  The  Stockton Pkwy section of the route has been smoothed by Kent Baake's 24 record breaker.

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16 Mile Waynewood & Stratford Landing Skate Loop

Two Notes indicate route overlap points.
    First is labeled on Map 
    See insert below for 2nd

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Blow-up for intersection of

Dalebrook Dr and Waynewood Blvd 


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Directions From Alexandria

South on Mt Vernon Parkway approx 5-1/2 miles to entrance of Fort Hunt Park