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The lack of sidewalks or even shoulders affect bicyclists to mix with 45MPH traffic

In some location there's no option but to walk close to traffic

Fairfax County Police Capt Barrett briefs the lower pedestrian death rate where median are installed

 Dave notes one of the deadliest spots on Richmond  Highway, where three people have  been killed in the last  10 months. 
Photo by Chuck Hagee/Gazette Feb 6 '03

Dirt path to Route 1 bus stop north of Quander Road


"Town Meeting
  Focuses on Transportation..."

Mount Vernon Voice Vol. 2, No.2 Jan 16 2003

Citizens and Officials Call for
  'Safe Crossings' of Rte. 1'

Mount Vernon Gazette  Vol. 13, No. 45

From a 20 December 2002
 Washington Post Article 


Bob and Dave join Elected Officials commemorating
 new $500 Yield to Pedestrian warning signs
Source Mount Vernon Gazette