Minutes of the Safe Crossings Campaign February 19th, Meeting

A Memorial Service was held for Mr. Warren Mackie.  Mr. Mackie was struck and killed by a car while walking in the 9100 block of Richmond Highway.  The Rising Hope Mission, a partner with the Safe Crossings Campaign, organized the Memorial Service. 

On 7 Feb 2002, a man was struck and killed by a vehicle at the intersection of South Kings Highway and Route 1.

Senate Bill 397

-         Bill would have reallocated 25% of surface transportation funds to improvement of pedestrian access.

-         The Bill failed in committee with a vote of 5 to 9.

-         The Bill may be reintroduced in future session of Virginia Congress.  Safe Crossings members may be asked to testify in Richmond and to rally support for the Bill.

Additional Potential Solutions for Pedestrian Issues: 

-         No turn of Red when Pedestrians are Present signs at dangerous intersections.

-         Traffic cameras for red light and speed enforcement.

-         Re-timing lights to allow for spacing of cars between lights so that pedestrians can cross.

-         Yield to Pedestrian signs at entrances to businesses.

-         No U-Turn Signs at intersections with substantial pedestrian traffic (i.e. Latson (sp??) Lane.


Police Statistics for the Corridor


-         Captain Barrett of the Mount Vernon District spoke at Safe Crossings meeting on 19 February 2002.  He provided the following details:

o       Within the last 30 days there have been 7 casualties in the Mount Vernon Rte 1 corridor (5 in automobiles and 2 pedestrians).

o       Closure of Woodlawn and Beulah (sp?) Roads after September 11 have caused a significant increase in traffic on the Rte 1 corridor.  The closures have eliminated two of the four East/West connectors in the district.   The number of accidents in the Fort Belvoir portion of Rte 1 has increased by 36% since the closures; accidents in the Mount Vernon district as a whole have increased by 13%.  The response time for ambulances within the corridor has also increased.


Operation Safe Corridor (?)


-         Begins 1 March 2002

-         Runs for 45 days, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

-         Patrol Officers from all over the Mount Vernon District will be employed in ticketing aggressive driving, running of red lights and speeding.  Ticketing will include pedestrian issues such as drivers making right turn on red while Pedestrians are in the crosswalk.

-         Safe Crossing trying to get “Yield to Pedestrian” signs placed at dangerous intersections in conjunction with the enforcement operation.

Source: Metroped Advocate Pat Davis