Pertaining to our discussion yesterday about the Route 1/Huntington Ave intersection.. Walking toward the country club from Huntington metro, it is quite difficult to cross the street without fear of getting struck by an automobile. See diagram below

Along Huntington Ave, there is a walkable sidewalk on the right side of street that continues after the intersection; and there is no sidewalk on the other side of Huntington Ave.

Problem #1: There is no crosswalk on this side of the street. One must cross to the other side of Huntington Ave to use the crosswalk. A pedestrian must cross Huntington Ave twice and Route 1 once just to continue walking.

Problem #2: Walking toward the country club, the crosswalk has no pedestrian light, indicating that itís safe to cross Route 1. Thus, it is difficult to cross Route 1 without dodging traffic and potentially getting hit by a car.

I think a potential solution would be to install a two-way crosswalk on the right side of the intersection with a working pedestrian light. This would enable pedestrians to continue unimpeded across Route 1.

See also Huntington Stream Valley Connector Trail