Paul Springs Stream Valley Park Connector Trail  

Neighborhood Connector Path and Future Trail Recommendation for
Fairfax County Park Authority's Paul Springs Stream Valley Park 

 UPDATE AS OF 4/15/05

A reasonably wide well worn dirt path has formed that directly connects the north and south pave portions of Wellington Road.  Its alignment is relatively mud free, is clear of vegetation and crosses the stream at a narrow neck.

From the South the path is not visible from the road [Paul Springs Pkwy] but begins just to the side of the concrete storm drain.   Immediately after crossing stream the path is slightly off to the right.  

From the North, the path can be found on the left side of the wooden barrier at the end of the pave segment of Wellington Rd.  


Existing Situation   

Adjacent to, and north of the Paul Spring Parkway (in Hollin Hall) is the wooded area that surrounds the Paul Springs Branch Stream. The woods are made of property parcels, some of which belong to the Fairfax County Park Authority while others are privately owned.  [see below]

 There is a well-used path through the woods between Jackson Road (south side) and Evening Lane (Sherwood Ln side). This path provides a significant 'short cut' compared to using the next closest two paths. Fort Hunt Rd (See red hatch line on map) or a trail at Candlewood & Bayberry Dr).


While well used the path has some problems.

  1. For many years there was a small footbridge that connected the path at the stream. It was made of two telephone poles with wood slates. A few years ago the bridged was washout by flooding. At the time the area was experiencing drought and it was easy to cross the stream at most times.  With the return of  a regular rain pattern had a bit more rain, making crossing is now a potential wet foot experience.

  2. The location where the path intersects the stream is on FCPA property but the most used north entrance point appears to cross private property.


Looking toward Evening &
 Midday Ln (Steam at back)

Pedestrian crossing via small rocks

Entering from Paul Spring Pkwy
 & Jackson Rd

For immediate consideration,

  1. FCPA consider  marking a trail entrance where Wellington Road north of the stream terminates at the Park Authority property.

  2. FCPA add a few large rocks to facilitate stepping across the stream

  3. Add some crushed stone or wood chips to the muddy spots on the path.

Property Parcel Map

Long term,  consider adding budget items to the FCPA spend plan to

  1. Improve path between the split in Wellington Road (Green Line on Map)

  2. Provide a better stream crossing