Belle View Shopping Center
Greenway is area above the tree line at back of the BVSC

Fairfax County is considering a transfer of the green space that was originally the alignment for I Street.  The road was never paved and for decades the corridor was available as greenway for walkers.   Those wishing to keep it open to the public need to make their views known ASAP



4:00 p.m. A public hearing, pursuant to Virginia Code Ann. 15.2-2204, vacating  parts of the plat of New Alexandria, recorded in Deed Book N-5, at Page 254, on  which is shown the following: BLOCK 10, I Street abutting Lots 1 and 32,  comprising a total of 4,474 square feet; and, BLOCK 26, I Street abutting Lots 1 
and 32, comprising a total of 4,474 square feet; and BLOCK 27, I Street abutting  Lots 1 and 32, comprising a total of 4,474 square feet. A public hearing will also be  held on the same date, at the same time, and at the same location, pursuant to  Virginia Code 33.1-151, to consider the proposed abandonment of the parts of the  plat subject to vacation. The rights of way are located on Tax Map 93-2 and are  described and shown on plats dated December 13, 2006, and metes and bounds  schedules, all prepared by Payne Associates, which are on file in the Fairfax 
County Department of Transportation, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite  1034, Fairfax, Virginia 22035, Telephone Number 703 324-1135. (Mount Vernon  District)