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Pedestrian Safety Upgrades Impact  Matrix 

The Pedestrian Safety Upgrades Impact Matrix was generated as a response to a Safe Crossings Campaign requirement.   Both Elected and Department of Transportation Officials conveyed their unwillingness to support those pedestrian infrastructure installation recommendations that had a significant negative impact on budget or traffic flow.   The matrix was use to capture and compare the view of pedestrian experts and transportation officials on various safety improvements. 



Ped Safety Improvement Cost Traffic Impact 


Ped have right of way Signs Medium low none  
Walk Indicators Medium medium medium  
LPI  Timing Medium low medium  
Protected Islands High medium none  
Ped Bridges Varies very high positive Limited Utlilzation when not part of trail or with long ramps
Traffic Calming - Lane Narrowing medium medium low Add offset to crosswalk
Traffic Calming - Speed Bumps low/med medium high  
Crosswalks at all 4 corners low low none  
Crosswalks offset from intersection medium low/med none  
Crosswalks between intersections
 w/ protected island
high low-med none  
Crosswalks between intersections
 w/ walk Signal
high medium medium  
Crosswalks between intersections
 w/ walk sig & island
high medium medium  
Sidewalks low - high high positive Depends on situation -  ex 'high' if get's Ped off road shoulder
Guardrails between Peds and Traffic medium high none  
Median Strip - Painted low - med low low Improves Auto Safety
Median Strip - Elevated Concrete medium medium low Improves Auto Safety
Improved Site-Line - Remove visual obstructions medium low positive traffic slows when Peds walk near traffic
Improved Site-Line - Cut back vegetation medium recurring positive traffic slows when Peds walk near traffic
Bus Stop Relocation varies medium positive  
Bus Stop Bollards high medium low Concrete filled pipes that protect bus stops